Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Received my Voxbox yesterday from +Influenster  for review purposes and to give my honest opinion - Can't wait to try it out. I am in dire need of a good nights sleep - with two kids under age 10 and all the stresses of daily life I could really use this...see below for my thoughts!

Slept all the way through last night! Hooray! I normally get up a few times during the night either from hearing noises or checking on the kids or other random thoughts that fill my head and keep me up at night. These caplets are so easy to swallow which is an issue for me so I like that they are really smooth to go down. I also love that they are non-habit forming.  Needing a good night sleep is important, but I dont want to be addicted to or used to any kind of products to make that happen. Will be heading to the store to purchase a supply of these to have on hand!! Oh and I have a coupon with it thanks to +Influenster so I can go an pick some up today!

#SleepLovers #GotItFree #Ad #ZzzQuil

Check it out for yourself here: Zzzquil

Monday, April 18, 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Touchstone Research 

is looking for kids age 3-12 for various paid research projects.  Click the link below to join now and get a chance to be part of this great group!  Kids get to test apps, give their opinion on TV shows and get paid for it! And much more! 

Click the link here to get started now!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kaboom 3 in1 Bathroom Cleaner

Received this from my friends at Smiley 360 for my honest review.

I have to say it has helped me cut my bathroom cleaning pretty much in half!

I sprayed down my whole bathroom and wiped it all away in a matter of minutes. What I'm left with after that ? A super clean, shiny and disenfected bathroom! With little effort!

I love the pleasant scent and that I didn't have to scrub hard at all! Didn't even feel like I was cleaning! I loved that it worked so great and got the job done effortlessly!

Adding this to my list of go to cleaners for deep cleaning and in between freshen ups.

Check it out here:  Kaboom

And here is my super shiny bathroom!

Jingle VoxBox

Here is my unveiling of the Jingle Vox Box I received from Influenster!

Stay tuned for me reviews on all of these products!!

Check out Influenster for yourself to try out cool new products and strut your influence!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Received a free sample of cetaphil moisturizing cream in my Jingle VoxBox from the guys over at @influenster 

I've been using Cetaphil for years and I absolutely live this cream and all of their gentle products. 

This cream I find is best in the cold winter months when skin tends to get really dried out and cracked. 

I use this everyday when I get out of the shower to keep my skin soft and moisturizers. 

It has a pleasant scent and doesn't leave your skin greasy at all.

Definitely my go-to lotion! 

Check out Cetaphil for yourself at www.cetaphil.com 


Received another great VoxBox from my friends at +Influenster !

The Jingle VoxBox includes all the following great products which I am in the process of reviewing each of them!

Here is the lineup 
(with links so you can go check them out yourself!)

Super Hero Itty Bitty by Hallmark (Spider Man was the one I received)

 Moisturizing Cream by Cetaphil

Cookies by Biscoff

Lashes and Lash Adhesive by Kiss

Coupon for OreIda tater tots

Silver Nail Polish from Pure Ice

CityProof 24 hr Eyeliner by NYC Color

OreIda Tater Tots!!

Received a coupon for a free bag of OreIda Tater Tots from my friends over at +Influenster in my #JingleVoxBox

I absolutely love OreIda Tater Tots and all their french fry products!!

Cant wait to go pick up my free bag to enjoy with dinner or as a snack with the kids.

They are always fresh and have a great taste to them and I feel good about feeding these to the kiddies!  No extra salt or flavoring needed at all with these tots!!

Go check out OreIda